What’s in your Garage? And is it Covered…

Cappuccino Insurance Agency Boat and RV Insurance

As the weather warms up, everyone starts thinking about vacation. People start thinking about buying a boat or RV and those who are already owners take them out of storage, wipe the dust off, and get them ready for a road trip.

Boats are RVs are big investments you want to make sure they’re properly insured.

You could add your RV or boat to your auto policy, but be aware that it wouldn’t cover all the things you’d want it to cover. That type of insurance just covers the vehicle itself.

Some additional coverage you may want is trip interruption and theft.

Trip Interruption: Each policy is different, but in short, if your trip is postponed or canceled due to things like extreme weather, injury or illness, you can put in a claim for reimbursement if you have trip interruption on your policy.

Theft: If something is stolen from your RV or boat, it won’t be covered with your standard auto policy. Things like camping equipment and barbeques are expensive, and with the right policy they would be covered.

*If you own a home you could always put in a claim through your home insurance. Oftentimes, however, homeowners prefer not to, as this would impact their homeowner’s rates.

With boat and RV insurance, what happens on the boat or the RV stays on that policy, and doesn’t affect the homeowner’s policy.

Other: Things like awning and attachments are very likely not covered under an auto policy. As just the vehicle itself is covered under an auto policy, any other damage would be coming out of pocket.

Tows: What happens if you break down on the lake and need a tow? What if you just run out of gas? These services can be covered under your boat insurance.

Full Value: RVs can be insured for their “full value.” So if you bought that RV for $100,000, you can insure it for that same amount. This is different from a car, where your payout is lower as the car depreciates over time.

If own a boat or an RV, or are getting ready to purchase, get in touch and we can see what coverage is right for you and your vehicles.

Please feel free to pass this information on to a boat or RV-owning friend.

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