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it doesn’t take a catastrophic amount of water to do significant damage to a home.

Flood insurance: Will it be a Wet Year for California?

“Several climate experts,” according to a news report, “are saying they are unsure what this winter will bring” for the state.

While some areas of California were harder hit than others by last year’s storms it doesn’t take a catastrophic amount of water to do significant damage.

Flood is one of the exclusions on a home insurance policy. Because there is a 30 day wait period on flood insurance, you can’t wait until there’s an impending storm to up your policy.  Last year California had record rains and some people were left high and dry (no pun intended).

Flood Insurance Facts

✅ Flood insurance is a separate, additional policy.

✅ Homes in a high risk flood zone can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars. (Those in “high risk” areas likely already have flood insurance as the mortgage lender requires it).

✅ Flood insurance includes building (it will repair the damage) and losses.

✅ Although home insurance will cover some types of flooding, it will not cover water that comes from the outside in, which is bad news for owners with sloping yards, clogged drains, or areas that can pool water.

✅ Flood insurance also covers water back up through drains. (This is important because although some home insurance policies do cover “back ups,” up to $5000, you will not have to file a claim through your home insurance).

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Are You Ready For El Nino?

Keeping your house safe with the right flood insurance policy.

A Godzilla El Nino is expected to hit California this fall and winter, which will bring heavy rains. While this is great news in the current drought conditions, it could mean serious trouble for your house. Keeping your house and personal belongings protected with the right insurance policies can help to give you the peace of mind that you need through the storm.

While your home insurance policy will protect you from many unfortunate situations, it will not provide any coverage during a flood. You will need to invest in a specific flood insurance policy to cover your house from the damage that is done during a flood.

Typical flood insurance policies will provide coverage for the structure of your house. You also have the option to invest in coverage that will also protect your personal belongings. Keep in mind that the more coverage you invest in, the higher your premiums will be but the better protection you will have. Flood insurance policies have a 30 day waiting period before your coverage will kick in, so the sooner you invest in a policy, the sooner you can rest assured knowing that you are protected.

The cost of your flood insurance policy will depend on many factors, including how many people live in your house and the size of your home. It will also depend on where your house is located. If you live in a high-risk flood plain, you will have to pay more for your coverage than if you lived in a low to moderate risk area. Working with an independent insurance agent will make it much easier to find the right policy that will meet all of your needs at the right price.

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Properly Protecting Your Business From a Disaster

Business Insurance For Disasters

When you own a business, you do all you can to protect it from a disaster, including investing in the right insurance policies. However, if you are relying on just your business owner’s policy to provide coverage, you may not have enough protection. Make sure to consider these business insurance policies to ensure that you are not left paying for repairs out of your own pocket.

  • Insurance for your structure – your commercial property insurance policy will provide protection if the structure of your building is damaged during a disaster. As an added bonus, your commercial property insurance policy will also provide coverage for your equipment that is damaged. If you have any specialty equipment that is valuable, you may want to invest in extra coverage. Talking with your insurance agent will give you a better idea of how much coverage you need.
  • Insurance for your commercial vehicles – your existing commercial vehicle insurance policy will provide coverage for any damage that is done to your company cars during a disaster, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will provide protection for any damage that is done by a disaster other than a car crash.
  • Insurance for flooding – the only way to protect your business from damage that is done by a flood is to invest in a specific flood insurance policy. If you are relying on your property insurance policy, you will be left paying for all the damages that are done during the flood.

For all of your business insurance needs, contact the insurance experts at Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of protection for any disaster, all at the right price to fit your budget.