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Would You Be Covered For These 3 Auto Insurance Claims?

Auto insurance will cover a number of strange incidents while on the road.

Auto insurance is one of the most common insurance policies out there. From claims of fender benders to stolen vehicle claims, many people know the basics of what their policy will cover. However, your car insurance policy will also provide coverage for some strange issues. Keep these strange auto insurance claims in mind to see if you have the protection that you deserve.

  1. Three car pile up caused by a mattress – a couple forgot to tie down their mattress to the top of their vehicle before taking off. As they were driving down the freeway, the mattress came loose and landed in the middle of the road, causing a three car pile up. Unfortunately, the three affected drivers did not have uninsured motorist coverage, leaving them to cover the repairs on their own after the mattress owners left the scene.
  2. Hail insurance fail – after a heavy hail storm in the 1990s, one driver made a claim to their car insurance company for hail damage. After looking at the damage, and insurance adjuster found out that the damage was actually caused by a ball-peen hammer. After the claim for hail damage was denied, the owner of the vehicle then made a vandalism claim to their auto insurance policy for the ball-peen hammer damage.
  3. Shotgun rider – one man made a claim to his auto insurance company after his shotgun fell out of his hands and destroyed the entire cab of his truck. He didn’t know if the gun went off when it hit the ground or when his hand slipped while grabbing for the weapon. Luckily, his comprehensive coverage paid for the necessary repairs.

To ensure that you have the right Conejo Valley auto insurance policy to provide coverage for any incident that you may encounter, contact the independent insurance professionals at Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California.

Do Retirees Need Life Insurance?

What everyone should know about life insurance before retiring.

The day that you retire should be one of the happiest days of your life. After working for many years, you finally have the time to enjoy the simpler things in life. However, before you reach your retirement, it is important to take the time to consider if you are financially ready to enjoy a slower lifestyle.

The main advantage of life insurance is being able to provide a tax-free inheritance for your heirs. That is not the only benefit, though. Life insurance can also offer almost interest-free loans that can help to create a tax-free income that you can use when you retire. You can also use your policy to help with extended living or assisted living costs if you invest in a permanent life insurance policy.

Even if you have a nice IRA or 401k to help pay for your retirement, you may still want to consider a separate life insurance policy. Most people underestimate how much money they will need when they retire, which can lead to serious financial hardships. Life insurance gives you access to tax-free money if you ever need it. As an added bonus, there are no complicated tax rules that you have to consider when you collect the money.

As long as you keep up with the premiums of your life insurance policy, you never have to worry about the policy being canceled. While other retirement funds may be at the mercy of the ever-changing economy, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve throughout your retirement with a life insurance policy.

For help finding the perfect Conejo Valley life insurance policy, contact Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California. We will work with you to ensure your policy meets all of your needs, all at the right price to fit your budget.

Going On Vacation? You Need To Know These Tips

Fully enjoy your holiday vacation with these home security tips.

The holidays are one of the busiest travel times of the year. No matter if you are headed to visit friends and family, or escaping all of the holiday madness on a tropical beach, leaving your house empty while you are gone can be very dangerous. Keep these holiday home security tips in mind to keep your house protected.

While you are getting ready:

  • Load your luggage in your garage if possible so any potential burglars don’t see that you are leaving. If your garage is not an option, load your luggage into your vehicle as fast as possible.
  • Let your neighbors know that you are leaving and how long you will be gone. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and call the authorities about any suspicious activity.

Make your home look occupied:

  • Install a few timers on lights in your house to go off at different times of the night. You may also want to install a timer on a radio or TV so that your house sounds occupied.
  • Keep your blinds and curtains at their normal positions. If you keep your blinds open, make sure there are not valuables that are visible through your windows.

Don’t be a target for thieves:

  • Do not post on social media how long you will be gone or when you are leaving. Thieves regularly look on social media sites and will know just how much time they have to break into your house.
  • Bring any hidden keys inside or give them to a trusted neighbor to check on your house while you are away.

Having the right homeowners insurance policy will help to keep your home protected while you are away. Contact Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California for all of your Conejo Valley home insurance needs.

Open Enrollment Has Opened

Don’t miss the deadline to sign up for health insurance through open enrollment.

Open enrollment is here! Open enrollment opened on November 1st and the deadline to sign up for a health insurance policy is January 31st. Open enrollment is the only time that you will have the chance to sign up for a health insurance plan, unless you have a qualifying life event. Along with the start and end dates of open enrollment, there are many other dates that you should mark on your calendar, including:

  • December 15, 2015 – the last day that you can enroll in a new plan or make changes to your policy in order for your coverage to start on January 1, 2016.
  • January 1, 2016 – the day that your coverage can start if you enrolled in a new policy by December 15th.
  • January 15, 2016 – the last day to enroll in a plan or make any changes in order for your coverage to start on February 1, 2016.

Any changes that you make to your policy or if you enroll in a policy between January 16th and January 31st will take effect on March 1, 2016.

Keep in mind that you can enroll in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) at any point throughout the year.

If you have a qualifying life event, you can enroll in a health insurance policy outside of the open enrollment period. Common qualifying life events including having a baby, getting married, or moving to a state that does not offer the health insurance that you are currently enrolled in. Talk with your insurance agent to find out if you qualify for a special enrollment period with a qualifying life event.

For all of your Conejo Valley health insurance needs to ensure that you meet the health insurance deadline, contact Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California.

Questions for Your Annual Insurance Review

Determine if your current Westlake Village, CA insurance policies match your life needs.

During day to day life you may forget to update your insurance policies to match your updated lifestyle. Many think that paying your premiums and phoning your carrier when an accident happens keeps you protected, but if you change your lifestyle or value of your item, you will need to alter your insurance. A number of life changes and events should prompt you to call your insurance carrier and adjust your policy to maintain adequate coverage.

Here are five questions to ask yourself at least once a year:

1)    Have I updated my home?
If you added a room for your elderly parent, remodeled after the youngest child moved out, or added a pool in the back garden, your home value will increase. A higher home value will increase the cost of rebuilding the home, therefore your insurance should reflect the new home value and new risks.

2)    Have I bought significant purchases?
Expensive pieces such as a leather-couch, jewelry, and fine art should be covered by a homeowners policy or additional coverage. If the item is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may regret not opting for quality protection of it.

3)    What has changed with my vehicle?
Maybe you are driving a longer distance to work, or the garage finally has room to store the car overnight. Reviewing your auto insurance will ensure that you are not paying for what you are not using.

4)    What about my family?
When someone moves out or wants to be added to your auto policy, discuss it with your insurance agent for suitable coverage.

5)    Am I eligible for any discounts?
Simple steps can qualify you for discounts. This can include installing a burglar alarm for your home insurance, and parking your car in the garage for your auto insurance.

Remember that insurance policies should reflect the life you have now, not when you first signed up with your carrier. When looking for insurance policies in the Conejo Valley, California, visit Cappuccino Insurance Agency. We are located in Westlake Village and ensure that you receive complete coverage.

Is Your House Vulnerable to Ruin?

Keep stable during shaky times with earthquake insurance in Westlake Village, CA.

In an area prone to earthquakes, very few people have earthquake insurance. Only 17 percent of Californians have an insurance policy that covers earthquake damage. In this area, earthquakes are a yearly occurrence and are one of the natural disasters to destroy houses and neighborhoods within minutes. Homes can be torn apart to the point of total devastation and homeowners can face extreme losses, both physically and financially. Earthquake insurance is designed to protect your assets during an earthquake, and if the home or possessions were to be damaged, to cover the replacement and rebuilding expenses. So why is there such a lack of coverage?

Unfortunately, earthquake coverage in the 1990’s has given the insurance type a bad rep. The coverage was very bare-bones and was typically limited to $5,000 in damages. Meaning that in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, if a home’s roof had been ripped off, $5,000 was not going to help the homeowners greatly. If you have fallen victim to this circumstance, we understand how important it is that you receive proper and full insurance now.

Luckily, modern insurance is different! Coverage is more expansive, affordable, and protective. Earthquake coverage can range from protecting the basics, to covering your garage and contents, and additional living expenses if you need temporary housing while your home is being repaired.

Taking effect on January 1, 2016, there will be new options for earthquake coverage including higher policy limits, deductible options, and mitigation discounts. If you own a home in California, an earthquake is an extremely likely disaster to face. Take a step into the major safety net that is earthquake insurance by contacting Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, CA.

7 Water Conservation Tips

Learn how you can save water in Westlake Village, CA.

After Governor Jerry Brown’s official announcement of the California drought, it is essential to know how you can converse water and preserve the environment. Each individual can play their part in only using the necessary amount of water, which, in turn, adds up to a significant stock of conserved water. If you are a resident in California, it’s easy to adjust your lifestyle to suit the needs of the environment.

Start following these simple tips at home:

  • Get those leaks fixed. Whether it’s your showerhead or kitchen tap that is dripping, each could waste more than 20 gallons of water per day.
  • Switch out your showerhead. Conservation-friendly faucets will save water while you’re taking a shower.
  • Speaking of showers, opt for a quicker one! Even shortening your shower by two minutes can save 5 gallons of water.
  • Install a multi-flush toilet. This allows you to control how much water you are using.
  • Only wash a full load in the dishwasher.
  • Only wash a full load in the washing machine.
  • Don’t hose down your driveway. Sweep it instead!

Keep your lifestyle environmentally friendly by adapting these simple, easy, water conservation tips. By reducing your use of water, you will aid California in preserving water to battle the drought.

Visit Cappuccino Insurance Agency for the home insurance policy that you need and deserve, all at the right price.