Seismograph instrument recording ground motion during earthquake

Be Prepared for an Earthquake with These Tips

Living in California comes with the danger of experiencing an earthquake. There is no way to tell when an earthquake is going to happen, or just how much damage it will cause. Make sure to keep these earthquake safety tips in mind to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for an earthquake.

  • Practice drills. The best way to ensure that everyone in your family knows what to do in case of an earthquake is to practice. It will also help everyone stay calm when there is an earthquake since they will know what to do.
  • Take cover. Make sure to identify a safe place to be during an earthquake in each of the rooms in your home. These could be under a sturdy table on next to an inside wall of the house.
  • Have an emergency kit. Make an emergency kit that you will be able to get to in case of an earthquake. This should include things such as medical supplies, water, and nonperishable food. Also make sure that it contains a list of things to grab in case of an emergency, such as medication, family heirlooms, and contact information for friends and family.
  • Think about your pets. Make sure that your pet also has a special emergency kit that includes medication, the phone number of vets, and a carriers.

The best way to make sure that you home is protected in case of an earthquake is to invest in an earthquake insurance policy. A typical homeowners insurance policy will not provide the right amount of protection needed, so you will be left paying for the damage out of your own pocket.

To ensure that your home and family are protected in case of an earthquake in the Conejo Valley, contact Cappuccino Insurance Agency in Westlake Village, California. We can provide the most comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure that you are protected from any damage.